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CWEDCertified Windows Exploits Defender

Traditional Windows Exploitation trainings teach students how to create Stack, Heap, Integer or any Memory Corruption exploits, but sadly that does not necessarily help to protect your Organization, our approach is different, we prepare Incident Responders, able to dissect a malicious Flash, PDF or Office exploits and potential zero days that just landed into your Company's Email.

We teach you how to reproduce the vulnerability in WinDbg, identify the root of cause, the vulnerability trigger, the CVE associated or confirmation of new zero day discovery and the extraction of the payload and related IOCs that will help your Organization to implement defensive strategies to quickly stop the threat and reduce the risk dramatically.


Ken Hsu

Ken is a very talented Exploit Analyst and Reverser, he is part of the elite FLARE Team at Mandiant/FireEye where his daily job entails to reverse potential zero days across Microsoft Technologies. He comes from well-known prestiged security-related college CMU where he completed his Masters of Computer Science. He is a Python, PyKd and WinDbg Ninja!