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CWADCertiied Web Attacks Defender

Web Applications represents the front end of any Organization in the Internet, unfortunately they also represent the first choice for Hackers to break into those Companies and therefore we need to protect them.

During this training learn all different real-world attacks performed by cybercrime groups during successful compromises. First you will learn how to perform those attacks manually, then how to automate them and last but not least how to stop, detect and prevent them!

Traditional Web Training will teach you how to perform Cross-Site Scripting or SQL Injection attacks, if you are tired of the ' or 1=1-- injection technique join us to learn how to find latest Java Deserialization bugs, learn how bugs in MySQL allow attackers to bypass input validation, practice how to debofuscate JavaScript code that usually comes in Exploit Kits, play with real Web Shells used by cybercrime, learn how to test new technologies like NodeJS, Angular JS, MongoDB and ElasticSearch Kibana.