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CTAICertified Threat Actors Investigator

People is scared waiting for the so called World War III, what it is interesting is that it is already happening but in the Cyber World, countries with an army of Hackers attack their adversaries for political, economical or destructive reasons. Now the companies are not only interested in understanding how the malware works, but also who is behind the attack, their motivations, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

Here is where CTAI is created, a unique of its kind certification that teaches students techniques to identify the attackers TTPs, techniques to track the bad actors, and to understand who is sponsoring them, by pivoting from Domains, Emails, C2 IPs, assembly code, exfiltration strategy, infection methodology and more. Get ready to be able to discover and track highly sophisticated threat actos like: APT1 Chinese group, North Korea Lazarus APT or Russian Fancy Bear APT!