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CMTDCertified Mobile Threats Defender

This is a fascinating and Advanced training teaching you how to analyze, dissect and reproduce Malware and Exploits on Android Phones! Learn how to analyze Smali Code, ARM Assembly, methods to hook through Dynamic Binary Instrumentation, Ransomware in the phones, and Android Kernel Internals.

Not enough yet? What about learning how the exploits work on Android phones, did you hear about Dirtyc0w Kernel Local Privilege Escalation? Here you will learn the root cause and how to reproduce the exploit as well as many other zero days found in the wild. Last but not least, different detections techniques will be taught to protect against all these kind of threats, learn how to design an Anti-Virus for a mobile phone.


Rex Kim

Rex is a young but very talented Hacker, has many years of experience playing CTFs, and even has been able to qualify for the big finals in Defcon, something that not many can boast. Rex is an active player of the CTF team DCUA, ranked number 1 worldwide in 2016, where he is one of the main Pwners of the team, in his day to day, Rex is responsible for discovering vulnerabilities in Android phones, as well as design advanced solutions to protect them from attackers. This is the reason why this cert is of a high caliber that only he could have designed.