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CCWDCertified Crimeware Defender

The malicious software that is mainly focused on stealing money is known as Crimeware. Targeting Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals to steal or clone credit and debit cards is one of the main activities with multiple breaches worldwide. Another scary family is known as Ransomware, able to hijack a computer until a ransom is paid, lately expanding to Hospitals where millions of dollars must be paid in order to recover the medical records.

ATM Malware falls in this category but deserves its own certification that you might want to attend called: CATMD. All these families shared something in common, implement Anti-VM, Anti-Reversing and Anti-Debugging techniques to make the analysis harder. This peerless certification will teach you how to dissect these crimeware families, the "Anti-" tricks being used, how to intercept process injection, so on, and most important, detection techniques to start protecting your Organization!


Dan Regalado aka DaNuX

DaNuX is a proud Mexican Security Researcher probably best known as the "ATM guy", thanks to his leadership finding the most dangerous ATM Malware since 2013 worldwide. DaNuX is the lead author of famous Gray Hat Hacking Book 4th Edition and has been part of top-notch security response teams at companies like Symantec or FireEye. DaNuX has published dozens of blogs on APTs, Crimeware, Zero Days, Botnets, POS and of course ATMs. Recently his is focused on Reversing IoT devices.