Current BANA Directory

BANA Member Organizations and Their Representatives to the BANA Board

Full Members

  • Alternate Text Production Center of the California Community Colleges (ATPC):
  • American Council of the Blind: Judy Dixon
  • American Foundation for the Blind: Frances Mary D'Andrea
  • American Printing House for the Blind: Cathy Senft-Graves
  • Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired: Mary Nelle McLennan
  • California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Tracy Gaines
  • CIDI (Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation): Guy Toles
  • Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Tina Seger
  • CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind): Jennifer Goulden
  • Hadley: Danette Johnson
  • Horizons for the Blind: Cynthia Skandera
  • National Braille Association: Diane Spence
  • National Braille Press: Amber Pearcy
  • National Federation of the Blind: Jennifer Dunnam
  • National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled: Tamara Rorie
  • Perkins School for the Blind: Kim Charlson

Associate Members

  • Council of Schools and Services for the Blind (COSB)
  • Crawford Technologies: Holly Bullock
  • T-Base Communications: Sue Costa

BANA Board Officers

BANA Board Officers

  • Tamara Rorie, Chair
  • Mary Nelle McLennan, Vice-Chair
  • Jen Goulden, Secretary
  • Danette Johnson, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Dunnam, Immediate Past Chair

BANA Board Committees

BANA Archives Committee

  • Frances Mary D'Andrea, Chair
  • Jennifer Dunnam
  • Jackie Sheridan Witterschein

Bylaws Committee

  • Jennifer Dunnam, Chair
  • Jennifer Goulden
  • Mary Nelle McLennan
  • Tamara Rorie

Membership Committee

  • Kim Charlson, Chair

Nominating Committee

  • Jennifer Dunnam, Chair
  • Frances Mary D'Andrea
  • Kim Charlson

Outreach Committee

  • TBA, Chair
  • TBA, Liaison to Publications Committee
  • Kim Charlson (podcast process manager)
  • Jennifer Dunnam
  • Tracy Gaines
  • Tamara Rorie
  • Cindy Skandera
  • Guy Toles
  • Sue Reilly, Admin Assistant

BANA Task Forces

BANA Appointments Committee

  • Tracy Gaines, Chair
  • Jennifer Dunnam

Foreign Language Task Force

  • Jennifer Dunnam, Chair
  • Jen Goulden
  • Rebecca Sherwood


BANA Administrative Assistant

  • Sue Reilly

BANA Registered Agent

  • The Washington Lawyers Committee, 
    Deepa Goraya, Attorney

BANA General Committees

Awards Committee

  • Sandra Ruconich, Chair
  • Anna Dresner
  • Tracy Gaines
  • Karen Gearreald
  • Cay Holbrook

General Committee on Electronic Braille Translation 

  • Jen Goulden, Chair
  • Jennifer Dunnam
  • Tamara Rorie
  • Vivian Seki
  • Guy Toles

General Committee on Review Process

  • Jennifer Dunnam, Chair
  • Frances Mary D'Andrea
  • Jen Goulden
  • Jessica Rivera
  • Tamara Rorie

General Committee on Unified English Braille

  • Frances Mary D'Andrea, Chair
  • Wendy Buckley
  • Darleen Bogart
  • Kyle DeJute
  • Jennifer Dunnam
  • Jen Goulden
  • Tina Seger

Publications Committee

  • Mary Nelle McLennan, Chair
  • Patricia D'Ascenzo
  • Jen Goulden
  • Brenda Loughrey
  • Tina Seger
  • Jackie Sheridan Witterschein

BANA Technical and Ad Hoc Committees

Braille Formats Technical Committee

  • Cindi Laurent, Chair
  • Guy Toles, Board Liaison
  • Marilyn Breedlove
  • Randy Davis
  • Tina Herzberg

Music Braille Technical Committee

  • Karen Gearreald, Chair
  • Tamara Rorie, Board Liaison
  • Karin Auckenthaler
  • Gilbert Busch
  • Christina (Tina) Davidson
  • Stephanie Pieck

Nemeth Code Technical Committee

  • Dorothy Worthington, Chair
  • Jennifer Dunnam, Board Liaison
  • Mary Denault
  • Dawn Gross
  • Cindi Laurent
  • Allison O'Day
  • Susan Osterhaus
  • Lindy Walton, Consultant
  • Caryn Navy, Consultant
  • Jacquie Walker, Consultant

Tactile Graphics Technical Committee

  • Aquinas Pather, Chair
  • Diane Spence, Board Liaison
  • Betty Marshall
  • Allison O'Day
  • Susan Osterhaus
  • Janet Milbury, Consultant

Ad Hoc Committee on Braille Signage and Labeling

  • Kim Charlson, Co-Chair
  • Debbie Gillespie, Co-chair
  • Jackie Sheridan Witterschein, Liaison
  • Walter Childs
  • Judy Dixon
  • Miriam Dixon
  • Jen Goulden
  • Gene Lozano, Consultant

Ad Hoc Committee on Chemistry

  • Cary Supalo, Chair
  • Frances Mary D'Andrea, Board Liaison
  • Kristin Parker
  • Lindy Walton
  • Greg Williams
  • David Wohllers
  • Susanne Lewis, Consultant

Ad Hoc Committee on Early Literacy Materials Production

  • Bonnie Read, Chair
  • Cathy Senft-Graves, Board Liaison
  • Susan Spicknall
  • Jane Thompson
  • Dorothy Worthington

Ad Hoc Committee on Standardized Tests

  • Whitney Gregory, Chair
  • Marilyn Breedlove
  • Katherine Padgett
  • Diane Spence
  • Jackie Witterschein

BANA Representatives to ICEB Committees

US Representative

  • Frances Mary D’Andrea

Code Maintenance Committee

  • Jennifer Dunnam, US
  • Peg Mercer, Canada

Music Committee

  • Ruth Rozen, US
  • Rebecca Blaevoet, Canada
  • Lori Kernohan, Canada (observer)

Public Relations

  • Sue Reilly, US
  • Jen Golden, Canada
  • Kim Kilpatrick, Canada (observer)

Technology Committee

  • Judy Dixon, US
  • Natalie Martiniello, Canada
  • Penny LeClair, Canada (observer)

Research Committee

  • Robert Englebretson, US

Associate Members

Council of Schools and Services for the Blind (COSB:)

Crawford Technologies: Holly Bullock

T-Base Communications: Sue Costa