Slider de Hack Defender

CATMDCertified ATM Defender (On-site only)

Did you hear about Ploutus or Padpin/Tyupkin or more recently Ripper ATM Malware affecting banks worldwide?

The researcher leader worldwide discovering these type of threats has prepared this amazing and first ATM Malware training of its kind.

Learn how the malware is transferred to the ATM via physical attacks, how Ploutus spit out money by sending a SMS message, how Tyupkin intercepts the keys entered via the Pinpad or how Ripper monitors the Card Reader waiting for the custom debit card to be entered by the crooks in order to start dispensing money!

All those techniques learned using a REAL ATM, come and learn how to protect your cash if you are a bank or how to dissect this type of malware if you are an Incident Responder


Dan Regalado aka DaNuX

DaNuX is a proud Mexican Security Researcher probably best known as the "ATM guy", thanks to his leadership finding the most dangerous ATM Malware since 2013 worldwide. DaNuX is the lead author of famous Gray Hat Hacking Book 4th Edition and has been part of top-notch security response teams at companies like Symantec or FireEye. DaNuX has published dozens of blogs on APTs, Crimeware, Zero Days, Botnets, POS and of course ATMs. Recently his is focused on Reversing IoT devices.