Slider de Hack Defender

CATDCertified Advanced Threats Defender

This is an advanced certification that requires you to first clear CCWD - Crimeware Defender, and the reason is simple, here you will be dealing with the world most sophisticated malware created. Malware that comes with custom packers or highly obfuscated, multi-stage scenarios where you will need to pass more than 3 layers to finally get access to the payload, tecniques to hide the presence within the infected system, or even malware using bugs in firmware to be able to persist for long-time without been detected.

Highly sophisticated malware requires highly sophisticated techniques to deal with it, and therefore be ready to learn topics like Dynamic Binary Instrumentation, Binary Emulation with Vivisect, automated debugging with PyKd, UEFI-based Bootkits, DKOM-based Rootkits, Case Study of highly sophisticated APTs and of course advanced detection techniques like Deception or Machine Learning.